What is Event Management?

What is Event Management? 2021

Event Management means making any happenings/occasion specials, grand and more organized, by Planning things & managing Peoples such as Vendors, Team, Clients & manage guests.

A person who is specialized in planning an Event is called Event Manager or Event Planner

An Event Planner is a professional who plans an event, thinks of new and innovative ideas for an event, has a strong vendor base for an event & executes a flawless event.

What are some popular types of Events?


Corporate Events 

  1. Product Launch 
  2. Conference/Conventions 
  3. Shareholders Meeting
  4. Employee Get Together
  5. Exhibitions
  6. Experiential Marketing
  7. Press Conference
  8. Activations & Promotions

Entertainment Events

  1. Celebrity Performance
  2. Musical Nights
  3. Award Functions
  4. Fashion Shows
  5. Beauty/ Personality Pageants
  6. Cultural Programs (Dandiya/Holi etc.)

Social Events 

  1. Weddings
  2. Birthday Parties
  3. Personal Celebrations
  4. Family/Friends/ associates get together
  5. Opening ceremony
  6. House parties
  7. Anniversaries

Political Events 

  1. Political conference
  2. Political Meetings/Rallies
  3. Election Campaign


  1. College/School events
  2. Premieres
  3. Govt. Contracts/tenders
  4. Food festivals/flea market
  5. Religious events/gathering

What is the role of an Event Planner?

An Event Planner is someone who helps the client from planning an event, come up with unique ideas, suggests vendors & execute a flawless event.

Role of Event Planner in managing an Event

Role of an event planner

  1. Event Planning – From planning the venue to ideas, prepare guest list & checklist.
  2. Event production – Bringing planning to real & making impossible things possible.
  3. Event Marketing – Getting Sponsors, selling event tickets, or event marketing plan for a product launch.
  4. Event Logistics – Managing guest travel, vendors travel & equipment’s moments, everything that needs to reach the venue on time & managing the complete process in between & make sure the execution remains smooth.
  5. Event Hospitality – Making sure that the guests feel at home at the event & making each guest as comfortable as possible.
  6. Event Designing – 2d design or 3d design, a good design helps an event planner explains his/her ideas more clearly to the client.
  7. Event Ideation – Event planning is a creative field & it demands event planners to come up with new and innovative ideas for every client.
  8. Event Sourcing – sourcing vendors or sourcing materials for events
  9. Event management – managing things, places, people & guests.
  10. Event Budgeting – there is a lot of money involved in every event & event budgeting hence places a very integral part of event management.
  11. Event legal – It's always good to make sure the legal formalities are up to the mark & every legal requirement; licenses are procured in advance to avoid hassle on the day of the event.
  12. Event Entertainment – Event entertainment is the heart of the event industry & entertainment makes the event more fun & enjoyable.
  13. Event Experience – Guest comes to an event for experience, no event experience means bad experience.
  14. Content Creation – Content creation also plays an important role in every event, content for Invites, standees, itinerary, scripts for dramas, etc.
  15. Event Food & Beverage – Food & beverages are the most favorite part of guests & it has to be top-notch.
  16. Event Operation – Every event has a lot of things to accomplish on daily basis & hence taking care of daily operations becomes a very integral part of event management.
  17. Event Execution – A good event manager focuses on executing perfect & flawless events with the help of perfect planning.

What are the skills required for Event Management?

  1. Communication 
  2. Presentation
  3. Designing (2D or 3D)
  4. Budgeting/Accounting
  5. Creativity/Innovation
  6. Networking
  7. Documentation
  8. Marketing
  9. Sales & Negotiations
  10. Planning
  11. PR, Advertising & media
  12. Personality development & grooming

Event management is a fun industry to be in & if you are someone who loves creative work, Love travel & also love to manage and meet new people this industry is something you should surely consider

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