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Wedding Planning crash course is for those who want to become a wedding planner & are looking for a professional short course to help them step into this creative industry. A wedding is all about happiness & getting a chance to turn a dream into reality is the real job of a wedding planner. To turn this dream into reality, one requires a lot of Knowledge, Skills, Planning & JUGAAD In this course, we will cover everything from Understanding Wedding Industry. To Learning Different Aspects & roles of a Wedding Planner & everything with a practical assignment, Fun & lots and lots of real-life case studies.

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What will You Learn? 

This course is divided into three essential parts to become a successful Wedding Planner. 

Stage 1 – Understanding Wedding Industry, what is Wedding Planning & Understanding what a Role of a Wedding Planning is

Stage 2 – Ideation to Closing 

Wedding planning is a Creative profession & it does not matter whether you are naturally creative or not, there is a process on how to come up with new ideas & which can be learned by anyone. 

In this stage, we will be doing a lot of practical assignment-based training to master the art of ideation & planning. 

Part 2 of stage 2 is Designing & Communication. 

Even if you come up with a unique idea in the world, but you are unable to communicate the idea to your clients, then ideation will lead you nowhere. 

Ideation needs a backup of strong communication & this part will help you precisely in achieving that by assisting you in learning designing (because visuals speak more than you think) & a simple yet effective way to communicate your ideas to anyone. 

Stage 3 – Learning the Execution 

Without execution, a dream will never turn into reality & a strong execution requires two things Knowledge & JUGAAD & in this stage, you will learn everything that you will need to execute a flawless event 

Structure, Florals, Fabrics, Furniture, Technology, Audio Visuals & much more 

3 Stages are designed in a parrel way of how a wedding planner plans a wedding & by completing this course I can promise you three things 

  • You will know exactly why you want to become a wedding planner
  • A professional approach to planning any wedding (Step by Step)
  • Recourses & knowledge to plan & Execute a BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING!

This course has 7 to 8 assignments & if you do every assignment with 100% effort it will take 1 to 1.5months for your to complete this course

Price of this course is Rs3,450/- 

Fill in the form, Make Payment & you will receive all course related details on WhatsApp & Email within an Hour. 

This course will help you understand wedding Planning Industry & it will help you in making decision whether you really love wedding Planning or you are just attracted to it's glamour.

If you have enrolled into any other course from any other institute you should enroll into this course, as most institute focus on field work, but this course will teach you about real life skill & backend work that helps you scale & gives you stability in this industry also anyone who just loves wedding must enroll into this crash course

Wedding Planning Crash Course

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