Wedding decor ideas

Wedding Decor Ideas, How to Finalize best wedding décor in your budget | How much to spend | DIY Ideas

Wedding Decor Ideas 

Your wedding decor, along with your dress, is a great way to show off your personality on your big day.

The decor is the first impression about how much fun your wedding will be. Everyone knows how vital this impression is.

This video will show you.

  • There are many policies that the venue may have regarding decor.
  • What budget should you allocate for wedding decor?
  • How to communicate your dream Wedding Decor Ideas to a decorator and Roles of mood boards/Pinterest for your wedding
  • Decor details are crucial elements
  • Here are some tips to help you save money on decor

There are many policies that the venue may have regarding decor.

You can hire outside decorators of your choosing – This is where you will be able to get any decorator to help with your event.

Impanelled Decorators: In this instance, the venue has 4 to 5-decorators on their panel, and you can choose one from them. Even this is a good choice as you still have options.

Monopoly: This means you don't have the option to choose your decorator. You can only work with one decorator that has paid a lot to the venue to work there (and you now know where he will recover that money).

Note: In the event of an outside decorator, they might ask for you to pay a deposit to cover any damage caused by them.

What budget should you allocate for wedding decor?

We saw in the previous video that we could spend anywhere from 30 to 40% of our total budget on the venue. This is because if you book a suitable venue, you will spend less on decor since the venue has already been made for wedding events.

Decor percentage is 12%-18% of your total budget.

If your wedding budget is 10lakhs, spend 1lakhs 80k decorating.

It is 3lakh 60k for 20lakhs & so forth.

How to communicate your dream wedding decor ideas to a decorator and Roles of mood boards/Pinterest for your wedding

The world of decor has changed dramatically since Pinterest. Every bride and groom researches what their dream wedding looks like.

Step 1: Take some photos of the wedding you envision.

This will allow the decorator to get an idea of the vibe you want.

A presentation will be prepared based on your taste or vibe.

Case 2: While you don't have any preferences but at the same time you want your wedding to be top-class. However, you have no idea what you want for your wedding.

Ask the decorator for mood boards.

What is a mood board?

This is how mood boards look like

Wedding decor ideas


Download Mood Boards PDF here

This allows you to get a sense of the overall look of your event. Once you have chosen a mood board, a decorator can create a detailed PowerPoint to show you the entire plan.

The benefit of mood boards is that they cut down the decorating process for both you and your decorator.

Visit our blog to see a sample mood board and download it from there

You can also bookmark this blog for future reference

Decor details are crucial elements

90% of couples ask for stage, mandap, and color code options.

Trend decor has become so popular; why settle for less when you could have a customized wedding?

Below is a list of elements that are important in wedding decor, apart from the Stage, Mandap, and Colour code

Entrance gate and pathway decor

The entrance gate is what your guests will see first. It should be treated with the same importance as your mandap or stage.

The space between your entrance and your primary event space is called the Pathway. Leaving this space empty is like showing your guest a trailer for a movie rather than releasing it.

The visual block follows the Pathway

This is so guests can't see essential elements of the decor, starting at the entrance. Standard visual blocks are God-like Ganpati or Buddha. Modern decor offers many more options, such as unicorns, peacocks, fountains, and so forth.

Ceiling Style

If you've ever decorated your house interior, you know the importance of ceilings. Your ceiling follows a visual block. The same goes for your wedding decor. It is just a different way to decorate a larger space.

You can choose from various ceiling styles, including tent-based, floral-based, lights-based, and more.


Your furniture is the most important thing after the ceiling. Where do all your guests sit? Some guests will be seated on a chair, others on a sofa or a couch.

You can't miss the spot that everyone is going to experience. Asking for different styles of sofas, chairs, and tables can change the entire look of your event.

It would be best if you also considered the seating style, don’t just agree with theatre-style seating or a round table. Ask your decorator for suggestions based on the available space.

How do you layout your home?

It is a plan or blueprint of how the arrangements will look, similarly ask for your décor layout how each and everything will be arranged at the venue.

Floral arrangements are the next important element in our decor

The most important thing about floral is

Mixing artificial and original flowers is a good option if you don't have the budget. Use original flower above your eye level, for example, your table centerpiece & use artificial flowers above your eye level for example decorate the top of your mandap with artificial flower.

Next comes the selection of fabric.

The fancy fabric will make your event look 20% better & more expensive (There are many different types of fabrics used in events if you want me to make a separate video on it do let me know in the comments)

Photobooths and Installations

These are unique places where people love to take pictures. Your event isn't just for you. It is also for your guests to have fun. What's the point of your event if bridesmaids are not clicking at least 100 selfies at your event.

Make sure you have enough backdrops to allow your guests to take pictures & collect memories.

Sound & Light

Last but not least, sound & Light are directly related to the vibe of your wedding so make sure to give your attention to it as well.

Here are some great tips for saving money on your decor and still having beautiful decor

Ask for available options, Pinterest can sometimes be bad for you as well, suppose you liked a particular design & your decorator does not have it ready already, he won’t say know as he is getting to make an inventory of his own, but definitely a ready thing is less costly than creating something from scratch, you can also visit decorators godown in case if you want to get an exact idea of his/her inventory.

If you ask for options available with a decorator, they will only charge you rent, and you can save a lot of cash.

Tip 2 – Choose square or circular decor. The most common base shapes are square or round. You can easily rent or make any square or circular decor using JUGAAD.

Final Points before the end 

  • Ask for requirements from other vendors such as caterer, how many tables or other conditions. This will ensure that you don't miss anything when the closing price is set.
  • You can sign a contract and take prints of the final designs so that there are no last-minute fights.
  • Deposit & damage details
  • What number of team members will be present at the event full-time? Once decor is finished, they vanish, so ensure at least 3-4 people are there at any one time.
  • What is the setup time required?
  • Cross-check with the venue for labour and setup rules & regulations
  • Payment details

This is all there is to know about wedding decor. I hope you enjoyed it. See you next video. Don't forget the link to the blog for all the resources.

Download Mood Boards PDF here

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