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27 Licenses And Permissions for Events | Weddings & Corporate


Event Licenses are the most important thing to know about whether you are an event planner or you have an event to host

Below are the Licenses And Permissions required for conducting Events | Weddings, Corporate

Common License

  • Rangbhoomi License – For any kind of Event where Stage is Required
  • No objection certificate from the additional collector's office – This is the NOC, which is obtained from the collector’s office if there is no sale of Ticket
  • Collectors Payment – This is applicable if there is any sale of ticket, there is a certain percentage of money that goes to the government

Most Important Licenses

  • PPL (Phonographic Performance License) – Permission to play any kind of recorded music
  • IPRS Indian Performance Right Society – permission to protect the right of the performer and the music company, for any ticket as well as a not ticketed event. This is a sum charged for the total number of tickets issued or the capacity of the event area (Royalty for author, composers, or publisher)
  • NOVEX – This license is acquired for any music used at the event which is by Yashraj Music.
  • Foreign Artist permission – Whenever you have people from another nationality performing at your event, you require to submit their documents i.e passport and visa copy to the authorities.
  • Liquor License – If liquor is served at the event
  • Drone Permission – If you are planning to use a drone at your event you need to take drone permission from the local police station 

NOC from Local Police Station

  • BandobastThis is for any extra deployment that has to be taken from the ACP/ADM in the local police station for the law-and-order situation
  • Loudspeaker/Performance License – This license is given by the Local police station for any use of Loudspeaker/Sound/performance if any is happening in the course of the event
  • Local Police (Sale of Food & beverages) – for the sale of F&B on-site by local police

License from CP (Commissioner of Police) Office

  • CP Office (Law & Order) – for any roadshow to be done
  • CP Office (NOC for any ticket or passes) – if there is any sale of tickets or passes, a certain amount to be paid here along with the copy of tickets or passes to be attached to the application

BMC – Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

  • BMC Factories & building maintenance – for any temporary construction
  • BMC Food & beverage (MOH)- Medical officer of health – If any food is served under one window
  • BMC Water department – NOC if no water supply is taken from the authority
  • BMC PWD (Public Work Department) – This is for temporary connect that is taken from the electricity authority
  • BMC Pest Control – This is for the pest control to be done in the open air
  • BMC – AHS (Asstt. Head Supervisor) – these departments take care of the garbage in an open-air
  • BMC License Department (Commercials) – For any banner, hoarding outside the event venue
  • BMC – Assessor & collector dept – for sale of tickets

Licenses from Traffic Department

  • Traffic HO NOC – this is a NOC by the traffic authorities stating that they have no objection to the said event
  • Traffic Bandobast – If extra deployment is required to manage traffic

Licenses from Fire Department

  • Fire NOC – Given by Chief Fire officer to conduct any event
  • Fire Machine – This is an additional requirement for a fire machine that has to be done on-site for precaution
  • Fire Compliance – This is a report given by the fire officer once the setup is done, stating that all the fire norms have been followed correctly

Documents needed to procured Licenses from Authorities

  • Floor Plan from the venue
  • No Objection Certificate from the Venue
  • Letter of Application to different licensing departments on your wedding planner’s company’s letterhead along with an affidavit on a stamp paper.
  • Visa and contract copy between the artists and employee company if you have any foreign artists performing. It would be preferable in this case to get artists on a business visa and not an employment visa.

Download Licenses And Permissions required for Events PDF here

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