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If you are an Event manager or looking to build a successful career in Event management this post is for you

Facts and stats about Event industry

The events and activations industry in India is expected to cross Rs 10,000 crore mark by 2020-21, which was at Rs 5,631 crore in 2016-17 overall, has been growing at a 16% CAGR

What is event management?

An event in simple words means happening, anything that is currently happening in your life is called event & management in simple words means dealing with people and controlling things

Event management means anything that is happening where you have to control things or people, there are four types of people that you deal in this industry, to know more about Event management check out this video on Youtube

What are the types of events?

Events industry is vast & not many people know about the huge variety of events happening in this field

Event industry is divided into 5 main categories – Corporate, Entertainment, Social. Political & others & this five are further subdivided as follow

Sr NoCorporate EventEntertainment EventSocial/Personal EventPolitical EventOthers
1Product LaunchCelebrity PerformanceWeddingsPolitical ConventionsTheatre Shows/Plays
2Conferences/ Conventions/ SeminarMusical NightsBirthday PartyPolitical Rallies & MeetingsPremieres
3Shareholder MeetingsAward ShowFamily & Friends Get togetherElection CampaignsGovt Contracts
4Employee Get togetherFashion ShowOpening Ceremony Religious Sammellan
5Road ShowsCultural Events (Dandiya) etcAnniversaries College Events
6Press Conference    

Skills needed to become an event planner?

There is no special qualification or age required to become an event planner, any body can opt to become an event planner regardless of his age, background and qualification

Despite of that many people fail to identify their skills and starts to work in wrong direction so identifying your skills and working in that direction plays an important role in this industry

Basic skills required to make a successful career as an event planner

  • Leadership – Weather is about dealing with Team, Guest, Client or vendors leadership skill plays a very important role in this industry
  • Handling Pressure – Events are fun but at the same time every event comes with new and unknown challenges & some times it can be a lot of pressure
  • Smiling face – Who does not love working with positive people, you will come across many people & this one skill can take you way ahead from many others
  • Creative & Fast Thinking – Every client will want you to come up with something never heard and never done, so be ready to be creative
  • Quick Decision Making – this one skill will make or break your career, event manager maker 5 times more decision than any other person on a daily basis
  • Persuasive – Weather is about persuading your team, vendor or client this skill is must
  • Networking – A person good at network makes an amazing net worth, I guess some event planner must have written this quote 
  • Jugaad – Jugaad in simple words means creative, simple solutions for complex problems & yes, this skill is not an option it is a must
  • Technical Knowledge – Basic technical knowledge is the ask of this industry
  • Presentation & Good communication – Every industry demands this skill but, in our case, it is more important than any other industry because you come across 1000’s of people in each event

If you think you have all the above skills this industry is apt for you, but if you think that you have few skills but you have some missing, don’t let this stop you from being part of this industry

Skills are learnable & each of the above skills can be learnt

Opportunities in this Event management?

Gone are those time when you have to struggle for work as an event planner, before people learning event management only use to get job in an event company

But now the career opportunities have been widely opened for an event manager

As an event manager there are 4 options for you

  1. Work as a freelancer – Freelancing is working or providing services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.
  2. Project Manager – This is similar to freelancing work but the only difference is you work for one complete project rather than working on daily or day basis
  3. JOB – Job opportunities for an event manager has widely increased because event managers are known for their skills and pressure handling capacity and as a result, the event manager can get a job in
    Hotels | Corporate Houses | Malls | Media & Production Houses | Celebrity Management | Event & Wedding Planning Company

    Apart from above event managers now can get a job in every company that organizes an event on a regular basis & the good news is most corporates host an average of 4 to 5 events every year
  4. Business – If you really want to build the most successful career as an event planner, starting your own event company is the best way

Around 85% of the event planner get a job & only 15% of people struggle to make their career whereas only 47% of MBA gets their job and 53% of MBA struggle to make their career  

According to a survey, most event planners (89%) love their careers in the event industry. Less than 10% felt indifferent and less than 2% said they didn’t love their career

Salary of an event manager

  • Freelancer start to earn from Rs500 to Rs1500 per day & which may grow up to Rs 5000 per day depending upon his talent & learning speed
  • Project manager earns somewhere around 15k to 20k per project (it also depends upon the scope of work)
  • JOB – As a fresher, you may earn between 15k to 18k but which can quickly go up to 25k depending upon your dedication & learning capability, an average salary of event manager after 5 years is somewhere around RS 60k to 1.5 Lakh per month (depending upon one’s talent)
  • Business – Event business has the highest margin because of the high ticket value per event and event manager usually makes good money as compared to any other business, usually, the margin per event is around 10% to 20% if the total value of the event is 10 lakhs which is very nominal an event manager earns between 1 lakhs to 2 lakhs as a profit per event

Event industry gives you lots of ways to earn, but if you are still thinking, How Much? watch the below video to clear all your doubts

Who should make their career in event management?

If you are someone who is creative, loves challenges, wants more than 9 to 5, Love to be around people, have long term vision to work in this industry, loves traveling & if you are flexible to work long hours than this industry is for you

But rather than finding out who should make a career in event management, it is more important to identify who should not make a career in event management

If you are someone who feels this industry give you a luxury life, lots of traveling, food & stay, or if you are someone who feels that this industry might give you a good boyfriend or girlfriend & you don’t have a plan to be long term in this industry, that you should stay out of this industry because luxury & freedom are by-product only if you really love your work.

Way forward – How to make career in event management, what are the courses available in the market

There are many institutes that help you make your career in this industry, but as an event planner myself and after completing my course from one of the reputed institutes and been part of more than 100+ events I felt that whatever I learned from the college was less than even 10% of the actual knowledge required to become successful in this industry

The 3 major problem with the above course

  • Lack of practical knowledge which can actually be applied to day to day work
  • JOB oriented, instead of making their students ready to out beat the competition they teach them how to become a good employee for the rest of their life
  • 3 and the most important things is waste of time & money because this institute charges a huge sum of the money, they provide a course for a minimum of 1 year & the pricing range from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakhs

The event industry is all about practical knowledge & course shall not be more than 6 months learning and 3 months of internship

Keeping all the above in mind and after going through all the challenges myself I decided enough of blaming the college & I decided to start our own online event management institute named Events Expert

Events expert focus on 3 most important things

  1. Students success – Our intention is to help each and every student to make a successful career as an event planner
  2. No Overcharging & no time-wasting – Due to lack of available recourses people are charging X amount of money, but by making this online course we do not want you to pay for our rent & electricity and other expenses unlike other institutes also we have made this course by keeping pure intention for students, time is precious and we don’t want you to waste your time in unnecessary travel, long class, etc
  3. Building a personal relationship – Institutes help you until your year-end, but this is a lifetime course, where you can access the course lifetime, ask for support anytime & reach out to us anytime during your lifetime

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