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A modern student needs a Modern Institute.

Journey of Events Expert started with 1 video, which was uploaded on YouTube just to share knowledge related to Event management, that video suddenly started getting lots of comments & questions from students who were interested in Event Management but had no clear idea about how this career looks like.

Yash Solanki – Founder of Events Expert, started to make more videos on the topic of Event Management & soon gain some traction with content quality.

Yash – I started getting more & more messages every day from students, requesting me to make more videos, guide them, some even asked me to convince their parents to let them make their career in Entertainment Industry (I did talk to some of their parents as well :p)

Why Events Expert?We never planned to start an institute as already there are many in the market, but from getting so many direct messages from students we realized that there is a gap between Institute & students, they both were there but not connected to each other & we are trying to fill that gap by connecting & guiding as many students as possible on daily basis (Our intention is the help students make a guided decision & Equip them with real-life skills)

Institutes that are already teaching event management are good but there are 3 big challenges that students faced.

  • These institutes are expensive.
  • They are available only in Top cities or Metro Cities.
  • Parents do not treat event management as a full-time career.

Events Expert was created just to solve the above 3 problems.

Expensive Institute – They have a heavy infrastructure, hire teachers, heavy spend on marketing & it’s very logical that the more expensive they make higher fees they will charge from students (as nobody will run their business for loss)

To overcome this problem at events expert, we decided to adopt an asset-light model & keep it online as this will not add infrastructure cost burden on students,  Have guest sessions from events industry experts & not restricting guests to one or 2 cities, but to get the best set of event planners across the world & lastly not spend on marketing – we work so hard to make the course so good that only word of mouth & organic marketing is enough.

Challenges Faced – The online model was questioned a lot initially by students, as usual, they think events are only about fieldwork & how a course like this can be learned online.

To address this – Event Managers are also called Event Planners, as planning is the core of this industry & execution is the end of the process both are equally important & we cover both (once students complete their online course, the student is made to work as an intern in a company where they get to explore the on-field side of Event Management & during the course they learn the Planning side of It – making the student an all-rounder Event Manager.

Also, it is very important to keep the course online as the main reason for starting Events Expert was to make it the most affordable course of Event management & give students the freedom the pursue it from any part of India along with whatever they are pursuing right now.

What makes events experts different in terms of institutes?

We not only show our students the good side of Event management but we make them ready for the hard part as well (Future Ready), our students are trained for real-life work & Skills, also the course is designed in a way where students don’t feel different when they get a job or internship because they are made to practice everything that is needed to work in a good organization or start their own Event Planning Business (we truly believe in the concept of making students so confident by equipping them with skills that they would survive any real-life situations)

Future Plan – Our future plan is to grow Events Expert into a Creative institute where students can explore different creative career options just like Event Management, Anchoring, DJ, VJ, RJ, Designing & many more, the goal is to give students a platform where they get to explore multiple career options apart from traditional careers & guide them, encourage them to grow in the field of Creativity & Entertainment.

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